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Preface by the Director

Preface by the Owner, Founder and Director of the iOR Language Institute: Inga Heenemann

"Happiness" for me is a subjectively defined term.


Each of us is looking for happiness. All of us have the same reasons for laughing and crying regardless of the language we speak, how we look, and where we are from. We also have the ability to influence our own happiness. When I founded the iOR Language Institute in April 2004, I was aiming for one thing: I wanted to be happy in my career and to find myself in my new homeland.

One of my teachers once told me that you are very lucky if you can combine your hobbies with your career.

I am thankful to all of my dedicated employees and talented teachers who have worked passionately for the success we have achieved in the international education market. My success and the success of the school have only been possible thanks to the individual success of each and every one of my colleagues.

I would also like to thank all of our clients and students for their trust and support. This includes foreign students, immigrants, universities, companies, authorities, institutions, education agencies and foreign consulates and embassies. Your trust in our language courses and our consulting gives us the motivation and drive to continue.

Currently, we have 600 students at the iOR Language Institute in Freiburg and about 500 students in Lörrach. These students all come from very diverse backgrounds and they wish to learn the German language for various reasons. Our students include school and university students from all over the world (both individuals and groups), professionals from Southern and Eastern Europe, immigrants and families with children who want to spend their holidays in arguably the most beautiful city in Germany. We have had large multinational corporations as well as smaller businesses send their employees to learn German and medical patients who come to Germany for medical treatment and who also wish to learn the language. Our courses are flexible and we do our best to tailor them to each of our student's needs.

We have a diverse student body representing over 120 countries. Our students belong to various religions and have different beliefs and experiences. But at iOR they sit at one table and cooperate in order to learn German together.

I see the success of my schools as my personal human and social contribution to society and for our students. The iOR schools are a place where people build friendships and learn to communicate with each other, listen to each other and understand each other in a shared language. Effective communication is a practice which is lacking in today’s world but is greatly emphasized at our schools.


Inga Heenemann

Unser Leitbild - iOR Sprachschule Freiburg/Lörrach

Owner, Founder and Director of the iOR Language Institute

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